Art File Guidelines

Preferred File types: PDF, TIFF, JPEG

Other accepted File Types: EPS, Ai, PSD, InDesign
• If sending one of the above file types, all links and fonts must be included with the file.
• It is preferred that all fonts are converted to outlines to avoid any possible font conflicts.

OOH (Out of Home):
• Billboards and wallscapes, or any products viewed from a far distance, will have a final output of 23 dpi at full size
• Street transit, rail and bus, or any items viewed at a close distance will have a final output of 120 dpi at full size
POP (Point of Purchase/Retail):
• Preferred dpi at final output for POP is 150 dpi at full size
V&E (Venues & Events):
• Final output can range from OOH quality to POP depending on placement or viewing distance of final product. A base estimate for V&E products is 100 dpi at full size for final output

The above resolution is based on actual size. If layout needs to be built at a reduced size then the resolution needs to be scaled accordingly. If possible please indicate the scale that the file is provided at.

For example: You have a 24”x36” poster built at 100%, the final resolution would be 150 dpi
If you built this file at 50% (12”x18”) the resolution would be 300 dpi
If you built this file at 25% (6”x9”) the resolution would be 600 dpi

Print ready art should be saved in CMYK unless there is a named spot color in the file that we need to match on final output (see SPOT COLORS).

For all files with a PMS spot color build, the files need to be set up with the PMS spot color in the color swatch palette and all images requiring the named spot color must be linked to the spot color in the swatch palette – do not convert these files to CMYK
*Please notify us when sending files if there is a spot/PMS color included in the file that we are needing to match to

Try to avoid using transparencies as this can cause issues when going through rip software.

Please do not supply your art with crop marks embedded.

Files that are being contour cut must be saved as PDF or Illustrator EPS files in a multi-layered file setup. The contour cut must be a spot color and noted as Cut, Thru-Cut, or Die-Cut.
• Top layer – Contour cut path, spot color with Overprint Stroke turned on
          o If no contour cut is needed please include crops and bleeds
• Bottom layer – Hi res artwork with bleeds

If you should have any further questions about the best way of setting up a file before submitting, please email: